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Written in the form of a freestyle…Happy New Year!


In this cruel world, who knows what’s real or fake?

Only God himself, ironic that it’s a supreme being

Being the omnipotent, all knowing but leaving

Us not knowing whether he’s real or fake.

Maybe his being is just a mind state

As he is inspiration for the magnificent inception

Of mankind’s desperate pursuit for perfection

That never seems to materialise before it’s too late.

Dreams of paradise narrow our moral place

Why long for perfection if it can’t be defined?

Forget verse and chapter just read between the line

Only we can better the human race.


Greg J Allman


With mad respect to MF Doom….


I passed my degree got my grade in the mail,

Master of the arts bitch, you’ll never see me fail.

Waited two long months now the time is here.

Celebrations all round, bottles in the air.

Get on the phone to my parents when I’m a little tipsy,

Give ’em the good news, take a shot of whiskey

Or brandy, whatever we keep our spirits high

In my element and it won’t pass me by.

Told my bro the good news, respec’ with a spud,

White rum chasers running in our blood

Dark rum chasers drifting in our veins

Love to my gran, a kiss on the chain x

A sharp distinction but I pass on merit,

The happiest day of my life and I won’t forget it.

Gave my lady a big squeeze told her I love her

She responded with I love you too motherfucker!

We polished off bottles by the litre,

Fire in my chest inflamed by tequila.

And when morning comes I’m hangin’ like Mr Cooper,

No need to worry though coz I feel super.


Greg J Allman




My motherfuckin’ mind, the sum of all fears,

Combine all your nightmares in one

Then add the scent of an onion

Use the skin to dry your tears

Nothing even matters, I really don’t care

It’s hard to see a bright side

The darkness has its own shine

But my faith has lost its glare

My one last trip, let’s make it a dream

For all the evil in the world

To fall through the trapdoor

Close the curtain, magic is not what it seems.


Greg J Allman.

Can you define the meaning of life on a t-shirt?

A witty slogan that makes your mind wander,

JUST DO IT deserves a tick for positivity

But what is It? Always makes me ponder.

I ♥ NY as much as the next

And why shouldn’t I wear it on my chest.

A plain white T is pure,

And black could signify anger,

Especially if you’re Samson to her Delilah.

Everyone’s a BOY LONDON

I’m trying to be a man or something.

All Day I Dream About Something,

That’s far from the ORIGINAL

Three stripes and I’m done.

An image of a cross, an image of a gun

Both have more in common than a high street store.

No one cares about the price tag

When the # offers SWAG for sure.



Just know the HYPE eventually dies down

Like that of a TWO ANGLE ADDICT without a KR3W.

He tried to hit me with a forklift

Of tees for the next season or two.

Greg J Allman.

Feeling slightly playful today. It’s raining out so I’ve been cooped up all day. This is just a little break away from all the serious, edgy things I’m currently occupied with.

Greg J Allman.

You only use me behind a locked door,

I put up with your shit, that’s all I’m good for.

But some days it’s not as bad as it could be

I’m here for you whenever you need me.

I roll for you and you just rip me apart

You have no idea what it does to my heart.

Sometimes you run, sometimes you blow hot air

Whatever the weather I’m always gonna be there.

Come rain or snow I’m cleaning your mess,

Just reach out to me, you know my address.

I’ll never move, I know my zone

Even though you leave me hanging here all alone.

I know my duties, but I just need you to care,

Just admit a love like mine is rare.

I’ll see you soon for another caper

Signed by you’re true love. Toilet Paper.

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

Apologies my dear friend, for this was unforeseen

But you’re conscience slowed you down. Even as a teen

You always did the right thing, whereas I usually strayed

And today is no different as a valuable price you paid.

Your wing tips walked the thin blue line of deceit

And you came awfully close to sitting in my seat.

The day at the cafe was the final piece to the puzzle

You saw the photo in my wallet, and I know you enjoyed a cuddle

With her every now and then, so you would have seen this on the shelf

When the body was found it was gone, which set the ball rolling inside yourself.

You connected all the dots, except for the why

Why did such a beautiful woman have to die?

The answer is simple, she possessed a fortune I desired

And as her heart belonged to you its no surprise what transpired.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon as you know very well

So now I’ve snuck into Heaven after escaping Hell.

As a close friend I felt your pain when I took her from this world

You cried her name every night wishing to be reunited. Curled

Up on your mattress battling through those lonely nights and days

Then clues from the case came together which got you to the next phase

You shared your theories with the culprit across the table

There’s a valuable lesson at the end of this fable

Your eyes told a tale of suspicion and doubt

But all I saw was a man on a parallel route

To the one that I was on, but that was the ruse

You suspected me but needed evidence to accuse.

Every corner I turned there you were in need of my

Guidance, racking your brains over coffee and pie.

Mi casa es su casa, treat these floors like yours

You wasted little time rummaging through my drawers

Confronting me was your ultimate sin,

Now you’ll forever lie in what your resting in.



Greg J Allman

I had a sudden spark of inspiration and penned a short poem. It is virtually freestyle based, I didn’t want to go back and revise it too much because it would lose some of the raw feeling that was felt at the time. Show it some love, show it some hate I don’t mind. I don’t usually write too many poems but today I am just particularly heartened.

Greg J Allman.


Cold nights are never the same,

Me and you are able to put them to shame.

I’ll hold you close, you’ll hold me closer.

Driving me wild, but tonight I’ll be the chauffer.


Something brighter than the moon and stars,

Nothing will separate this thing of ours,

Nothing will ever be able to come between

The sheets of our love are stronger than plasticine.


I need some TLC and I aint too proud to beg,

Nothing goes better with you than Greg.

Our bond is tighter than the laces on my shoe,

Nothing goes better with Greg than you.


It’s what makes you you

It’s what makes me me

It’s the feeling that makes us be

That four letter word is our destiny.