Ok so I decided to finally jot down most of the weird/random thoughts I have. I’m not expecting this to be read by the masses or anything. It’s just a small corner I’ve managed to occupy where I can whisper in to a vacuum. Sometimes I may write thought provoking posts that challenge society and may have you thinking on a higher level rather than just simple things printed in bold. Other times I will be spouting absolute bollocks. I was going to use this space to write some personal shit about myself but what’s the point? My blog posts shall be the window which my personality shines through…or the crack in the ceiling in which piss seeps through whichever one you prefer over your cornflakes in the morning. There won’t be a schedule to which things will be posted, some will be daily, some could be weekly. If its any longer than that then assume I’ve had my hands chopped off…then again there’ll probably be about four people who read this so I doubt it will make a huge impact on your lives.

So welcome to the very average world of me!!! I got the free wordpress blog because I’m nearly unemployed and making money off writing seems to be mythical these days. Either that or I’m shit. I’ll leave it to you people to decide, besides you probably know more about the craft than I ever will. Hopefully the words that fill this blog will be able to inspire, humour, agitate, stimulate or somehow evoke a reaction. Enjoy responsibly!


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