Short Story inspires great television success.

Constantly working on a book of shorts that I want to self publish is driving me insane! I finally understand what hard work and determination really is. I always told people that I love to write, but had no way to prove it. Now I finally do.

I’ve not yet graduated but my masters’ degree is finished. My student card expires in three days. That’s when I am officially no longer a student but a master? For some reason that doesn’t sound right to me. When I think of a Master I ultimately think He-Man Master of the Universe. Now that was a master. Me, I’m not that muscular and I don’t have a weapon that can defeat evil humanoids from another planet.

But I do have a thin selection of short stories that I am constantly working out on, strengthening the themes and building up my cardio vocabulary in my own literature gym. My laptop, although sometimes has a mind of its own and disobeys my commands is my sword/laser gun (depending on which He-Man you’ve seen) to display my literary wrath on the world.

My Eternia is the university library. But not for long for I must leave this place and pursue literary greatness saving readers around the world from the Skeletors that wish to take over the world by publishing incoherent, unimaginative pieces of fiction. My destiny is to self publish my original pieces of short Jamaican literature with a view to creating a mini-series based on those stories.



Greg J Allman.