This is an extract from something I wrote a while ago. It still needs to be worked here and there but I thought I would post up the introduction. The piece is only a short, however I was reading over it and thought I should try and do something with it. It works as a bit of flash fiction also. I’m currently trying to adopt a new style of writing but I like to remain versatile in all aspects of my writing. Let me know what you think of it.

Greg J Allman.

Fast Eric.

Lunchtimes in the city resembled a parade or carnival, an unattractive dreary spectacle; costumes didn’t contain any character; however the characters in the costumes were some of the nastiest, trickiest droids the big city has ever seen. None more so than Eric Munroe, known as ‘Fast Eric’ in certain circles simply because of the sheer brashness he encompassed and his shrewd mentality to spot when a situation can turn in his favour.

He stood in line at a sandwich bar waiting for his turn, Eric had little to no patience and the ever present office small talk surrounding him did little to ease his mind. All morning he had been dreaming of a turkey, beef and bacon sandwich; garnished with melted cheese, mayonnaise and a drizzle of tobacco. Delicious.

His heart sank every time a slice of beef was selected; he tried his triple threat with chicken once and vowed never to do so again. His body flinched as the lady at the counter hesitantly pointed to the roast beef, the meat slab was getting thinner per customer. If Eric believed in bad luck he would simply blame on that, however he felt that you made your own luck, and his inability to avoid his boss talking his ears off about a French restaurant he went to last night or the charity worker in the street he had to avoid since he’s promised him twice he will save the tigers were major components which caused him to be standing at the back of a hungry line of workers.

Eric’s impatience got the better of him and he decided to take the matter in to his own hands, he swiped his phone out of his pocket and spoke in a frantic tone. “Darlin’, I’m doin’ my best, the line is ridiculously long today” He scoured the line and noticed he grabbed the people’s attention, and decided to up the ante. “The midwife’s there now, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Hello, Carol! Eric screamed down the phone, he gripped his phone, with his steady hand. “Shit” he uttered to himself, the grey haired woman in front of him turned and offered some support “Is it your first child?” she asked.

“Yeah, she wanted me to grab her favourite sandwich before she went in to labour.”

“Aww, listen go ahead of me and get back to your woman” she sympathised.

“Really thank you so much” Eric trotted in front of the woman and gave her a wide smile, his false gratitude made her heart sink. The rest of the line share the old woman’s sympathy and offer up their places, and Eric marched to the front of the line with congratulatory pats on the back.

The manager, who often worked the counter during busy periods, gave him extra meat and gave him the sandwich free of charge, which Eric managed to force a tear out for, he flirted with the idea of telling the manager his son will be named after him for his graciousness, but the ship he already set out to sail was steady and there was no need to rock the boat. As soon as that sandwich was in his hand he disappeared before anyone could bat an eyelid. However he wasn’t at the hospital attending to his heavily pregnant wife, instead he was sat on a park bench ogling female joggers breasts bounce and tucking into his favourite sandwich, the phrase no such thing as a free lunch had been made redundant. Fast Eric had pulled a fast one.