I had a sudden spark of inspiration and penned a short poem. It is virtually freestyle based, I didn’t want to go back and revise it too much because it would lose some of the raw feeling that was felt at the time. Show it some love, show it some hate I don’t mind. I don’t usually write too many poems but today I am just particularly heartened.

Greg J Allman.


Cold nights are never the same,

Me and you are able to put them to shame.

I’ll hold you close, you’ll hold me closer.

Driving me wild, but tonight I’ll be the chauffer.


Something brighter than the moon and stars,

Nothing will separate this thing of ours,

Nothing will ever be able to come between

The sheets of our love are stronger than plasticine.


I need some TLC and I aint too proud to beg,

Nothing goes better with you than Greg.

Our bond is tighter than the laces on my shoe,

Nothing goes better with Greg than you.


It’s what makes you you

It’s what makes me me

It’s the feeling that makes us be

That four letter word is our destiny.