Apologies my dear friend, for this was unforeseen

But you’re conscience slowed you down. Even as a teen

You always did the right thing, whereas I usually strayed

And today is no different as a valuable price you paid.

Your wing tips walked the thin blue line of deceit

And you came awfully close to sitting in my seat.

The day at the cafe was the final piece to the puzzle

You saw the photo in my wallet, and I know you enjoyed a cuddle

With her every now and then, so you would have seen this on the shelf

When the body was found it was gone, which set the ball rolling inside yourself.

You connected all the dots, except for the why

Why did such a beautiful woman have to die?

The answer is simple, she possessed a fortune I desired

And as her heart belonged to you its no surprise what transpired.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon as you know very well

So now I’ve snuck into Heaven after escaping Hell.

As a close friend I felt your pain when I took her from this world

You cried her name every night wishing to be reunited. Curled

Up on your mattress battling through those lonely nights and days

Then clues from the case came together which got you to the next phase

You shared your theories with the culprit across the table

There’s a valuable lesson at the end of this fable

Your eyes told a tale of suspicion and doubt

But all I saw was a man on a parallel route

To the one that I was on, but that was the ruse

You suspected me but needed evidence to accuse.

Every corner I turned there you were in need of my

Guidance, racking your brains over coffee and pie.

Mi casa es su casa, treat these floors like yours

You wasted little time rummaging through my drawers

Confronting me was your ultimate sin,

Now you’ll forever lie in what your resting in.



Greg J Allman