Yesterday I wrote a piece on teenage pregnancy entitled ‘The Teenage Years’. That small piece was inspired by a short story I wrote loosely based on that theme. Check it out below and let me know what y’all think.

Greg J Allman.

Michael placed the picture back on the shelf as Mary’s laughs suddenly turned to tears. He knew it would be difficult saying goodbye to her; their friendship had grown ever since they met as six year olds on the playground climbing frame. Despite her reluctance to hang with him in public, he was no stranger to the Smith household. Her mother often enjoyed cooking for the pair as they studied. They were both high flyers in school and put it down to Mrs Smith’s brain food that kept them buzzing. Michael’s social ineptness never changed how Mary looked at him over the rim of her maths textbook. His glasses sitting on the edge of his nose when he squints at algebra problems; he never wore those glasses inside the school gates.

Michael stepped towards Mary, she cuddled a cushion. “You know I’m comin’ back right?” Mary replied with a nod, unable to look Michael in his eyes. He kneeled down in front of her and placed a hand on her knee. Despite the lack of make-up she looked as pretty as she did in that picture, he’d heard from his mother that women always have a glow during pregnancy, finally he understood it. He wiped her eyes with his thumb and kissed her forehead.

“You gonna keep writin’ me those poems?”

She nodded again “I got a new one over there” she mumbled pointing towards her desk. Michael crawled to the desk and back again picking up a folded piece of lined paper. He theatrically cleared his throat

“Introducing the words which make the world go round from Ms. Mary Smith!” He feigned an audience applause and cheers, then read aloud.

“My mind treads along the sea bed

Sharks and piranhas await my stumble

The wave’s crash in to my brain, my heart sinks

With the ship we both sailed in.

This mermaid will forever live below the sea.

With the treasures paradise can only imagine.”


They sat in silence, the last words of the poem hung in the air; Michael read the poem over once again trying to grasp some sort of meaning. “Is this about your unborn?” Michael asked still studying the poem.

Mary’s eyes pierced the top of his head. “This is really good; you should try to get these published. ‘Diary of a Pregnant Woman’. That could be the title.” He laughed.

“Hmm” she responded. Michael didn’t realise the tension which crept in to the room. Mary’s eyes remained fixed on Michael’s head.

“What do you think?” Michael asked.

“Huh, yeah sounds good.” Mary answered absently.

“Hey, come on.” He moved on to the couch next her. “Eric will be a good dad, plus you got your mum, my mum and me. I know it’s scary but you can do it.”

“You don’t understand Michael” she cried.

“Then make me” he replied wiping her tears with his thumb.

She thought back to the days of them studying together and him being oblivious to her feelings. Nothing had changed since then. She glanced up at the photograph and thought back to the evening it was taken. She and Michael snuck away from the table of another boring Easter family dinner. They decided to take advantage of the spliff he had stored in his underwear drawer the past two months. Mixing the haze with a stolen bottle of brandy from the cabinet of Michael’s father led them to a night of untold truths. Mary spilt all the gory details from her short lived romance with Eric Phillips and admitted regretting losing her virginity too soon. Michael confessed to his palm being his only sexual partner. The cold night of warm truths led them to Mary’s bedroom where they spent their one and only night together in the same bed. Mary knew Michael was the one after he held her in her arms like any man should after sex. Mary expected him to be gone the next morning, however was rather unsettled at what he’d left behind. She got with Eric almost instantaneously after sleeping with Michael.

He’d been after her for so long and she craved that feeling she had with Michael once more.  Mary remembers the day she sat in the toilet at college for an hour crying her eyes out like it was yesterday. She hid it for a long time, exploring every avenue open to her. Once the morning sickness started there was no hiding it from her mother. She summoned Eric to her home and advised them on what she thought was the right thing to do. Eric tried really hard to support her in the first couple of months but grew tired of the wanting and the needing from Mary. He started chasing other girls from college when Mary’s weight gained and he hardly showed up at her house. By then it was too late, the sweet dream of a family and their own flat turned in to a sour nightmare of life as a single mother.

Michael stuck by her through everything even accompanying her to a scan. He held her hand throughout all the hospital visits and rubbed her stomach when the baby kicked. Mary had pictured telling Michael the truth for months now. But, there was never a right time to tell Michael that his life was going to change forever. A letter from the University of Cambridge’s admissions office did it for him helping him realise his dream had come true. A place along side education’s elite was what he always longed for, what he deserved. He studied hard all throughout his A-levels, and his uncle came up with the cash for him to attend. He was over the moon. She couldn’t ruin Michael’s life, yet how could she keep something like this from him. Surely he would want to know.

“This baby isn’t Eric’s.” Mary muttered.

“What?” Michael responded. “Whose is it?”

“It’s yours Michael.”