Sonnet 18. One of the most famous pieces of creative writing to still be held in such high regard, generations after it was originally penned.

To this day we are still comparing things we cherish to a summer’s day. Or in my case things I hate as the sun doesn’t shine in a British summer. The first time I properly read this was back in March. I studied Shakespeare in school but the main focus was on his plays. Back then I had no idea what a sonnet was. As a matter of fact up until March I never knew what a sonnet was. But after reading Sonnet 18 a number times on a Friday evening, I was inspired.

Not by William Shakespeare, although I’m sure he’s inspired a fair share over the years. But I was inspired by what inspired Shakespeare himself to write this sonnet. Love. His love for the summer and his love for whomever he is writing about. Shakespeare captures the reader’s imagination painting images of “the eye of heaven” and a “gold complexion”.  He was always way ahead of his time. In my mind I imagine beat boxing as he wrote the lyrics for his sonnet; just to ensure his rhythm and pace were right.



I decided to use something, or rather someone I love very deeply as inspiration much like Shakespeare did and compare her to something just as astounding as she is. However she isn’t too fond of the comparison. Although she likes the sonnet and was flattered by my spontaneous romanticism she would much rather be compared to something else.

My short fling with romanticism shan’t be short lived. Every day I am given more and more reasons to pen sonnets. But for now I shall leave you with my debut piece.

Greg J Allman.



Are you comparable to a London skyline?

Well I’d rather gaze upon you.

Crackers, Roquefort cheese and some wine

A picnic on Primrose with beautiful food.

You’re taller than any skyscraper,

The sole attraction of my heart

Can’t be defined by words on paper;

Cross the bridge where the water parts.

Your glow outshines any star in the sky,

And this light will never go out

For you’re to be desired by a London eye;

Standing amongst the city’s best no doubt.

Through rain, fog and snow your beauty remains clear,

And long after these buildings fall you’ll still be here.