J Dilla Lives Forever

Real hip hop is immortal in the ears of the beholder…

My introduction to Dilla was late…real late. I’m talking late 2011. My girlfriend put me on and ever since that day, music has never been the same for me again. I’m not a musician (barely a poet) but I have an idea of how music should sound. Especially hip hop.

I used to think hip hop began at Puff Daddy (or whatever he goes by now) took a detour through Atlanta and California respectively before landing at Jay Z’s studio door. But quietly bubbling away in Detroit was J Dilla slowly changing the world one beat at a time. It’s no secret that this man’s talents shaped a wave of producers, MC’s and DJ’s. The real secrets lie in his catalogue of music and the artists he has worked with. It’s an old cliche but even though he may not be your favourite producer or anyone you’ve even cared to think twice about; (See what I did there) it is guaranteed that your favourite producer is a huge fan. A Tribe Called Quest anyone? How about Busta Rhymes? Common, Slum Village and The Pharcyde. These guys may not sell out the o2 arena, but they can walk in to any one of your favourite rapper’s studio session and command respect.

Any hip hop head or music lover in general should definitely donate some time to hear some of Dilla’s work (The link at the top of the page is a good place to start). Anyone in London during September should come down to “Welcome to Dillaville” at The Garage in Highbury. It will be a star studded event featuring hip hop greats such as Slum Village and The Spin Doctor working the decks. It will be a night of celebration for the man who blessed the world with his music. Once you step through the doors, you will never be the same again. If you’re falling out of love with hip hop, this will be the night to rekindle the flame!

More info: http://mamacolive.com/thegarage/listings/upcoming-events/14156/welcome-to-dillaville-tour-a-tribute-to-j-dilla/

Legends are Eternal!